Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration

Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration

Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province of Canada. This region is dotted with Nordic architectural sites, the beauty of Viking architecture can be found here and it is one of the last standing remnants of the one mighty race of people who conquered these lands through maritime skirmishes. Western Labrador is also home to the Iron Ore Company of Canada, which operates a large iron ore mine in Labrador City. Together with the small community of Wabush, the two towns are known as “Labrador West”. The language spoken in this province of Canada is still largely homogenous with a major chunk of the population using English as their preferred language of communication. Economically Newfoundland has not been the epicenter of prowess after the collapse of the cod fisheries which used to operate out of this region. However, after the boom in natural resources the economy of this province has been lucky enough to see a complete turnaround, employment rates have been gradually going up in the province and the status of this region is now in much better shape than it was.


The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NFLPNP) also helps employers in search of qualified personnel to look for worthy candidates and aid them with the immigration process of Canada to help get these individuals Permanent Residency status in the province. Individuals wishing to immigrate to this province will be required to fill out an application and also enroll themselves through the Express Entry System of Canada and the IRCC. However they must first have an active job offer from a company that operates out of Newfoundland and Labrador or have citizenship, a work permit, or be eligible for either one before they apply for immigration through the NFLPNP.


There are various schemes that the provincial government has come out with to aid immigrants through the process. Some of which are as follows:

Express Entry Skilled Worker

Individuals will be required to have a profile in the federal Express Entry pool and have a high skilled job offer from the employer in the province for at least 2 years. Salary and benefits must also meet the standards of the province.

Skilled Worker

Individuals must have a full-time job offer from an employer in the province, the person will also need to have a work permit to Canada, the person will also need to demonstrate sufficient language capabilities to be eligible.

International Graduate

The person will need to be at least 21 years of age and have a job offer that’s directly related to the person’s field of study or if the applicant is a graduate of Memorial University or college of the north Atlantic. The individual will also need to have a PGWP with 4 months remaining to its validity.

Priority Skills

Individuals are required to complete an expression of interest and individuals who get the most interest from employers as well are invited to apply through this stream.

International Entrepreneur

The individual must have a net worth of 60,000 Canadian dollars and must be able to invest 20,000 Canadian dollars in a business that they wish to establish in Canada, they must create one full-time job opportunity for Canadian citizens and also have a score of at least 5 in the Canadian language benchmark, if all these requirements are met they shall be sent a letter of invitation by the immigration office of the provincial government.

International Graduate Entrepreneur

The individual must have a valid post-graduate work permit and a minimum score of 7 on the Canadian language benchmark. They must provide a business plan with evidence supporting the financial validity of their plan as well. They must also wish to live in the province for the duration they wish to own and manage a business in the province, the business must be a for-profit entity and must show their profits that they have earned through selling products or service.

The most widely available job vacancy in this province of Canada is medical personnel. Thus, individuals who have a degree in medical science and wish to migrate to Canada, will be considered reasonable, should they choose to immigrate to this province. This compiled with the low cost of living that the region boasts makes it a perfect place for immigrants to migrate to. Overall, Canada has one of the friendliest immigration systems and this is only further boosted by the various Provincial Nominee Programs that the provinces of Canada offer to immigrants, Newfoundland and Labrador is no exception to this as individuals will find the immigration process considerably easy to follow through.

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