Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP)

This immigration program is for skilled immigrants who wish to live and work permanently in Québec as a skilled worker. For this program, immigrants need to submit a Declaration of Interest (DOI) for all family members included into the application, on the basis of factors including:

 • Personal information;

 • Contact information;

 • Family situation;

 • Status in Québec;

 • Education;

 • Work experience;

 • If you have a job offer validated by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration;

 • Knowledge of French and English;

 • Other additional information.

To submit a Declaration of Interest (DOI), immigrants need to create and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Arrima Portal that remains valid for 12 months (one year) from the date of submission.

If their submitted information matches with the minimum requirements as needed in Quebec, an invitation to submit an application for Permanent Selection is issued.


For draws conducted under Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP) category, invitations are issued on the basis of criteria related to:

 • Human Capital, such as work experience, proficiency in French language, level of education etc.

 Quebec’s job market requirements.

 Promoting integration into the Québec job market


Sometime invitations are also issued on the basis of specific criteria’s that include:

 Having a validated job offer;

 Having earned a degree in Québec;

 Having temporary worker status with at least six months of work experience in Québec;

 Any other criteria deemed relevant by the Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration.

Post receiving the invitation to submit application for Permanent Selection, immigrant will get 60 days to complete and submit the application online, and pay the processing fees.

Application Fees

As of January 1, 2021; application processing fees for Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP) is as follows:

 • Principal Applicant: CAD $822

 • Spouse or common-law partner: CAD $176

 • Each Dependent child: CAD $176

Note: These application processing fees are adjusted by the Ministry of Immigration, Quebec every year on the 1st January.

Immigrants submitting complete application, need to enclose the personal identification form with their payment confirmation, and send it to the following address:


Direction de l’enregistrement et de l’évaluation comparative
Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration
285, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, 4e étage
Montréal (Québec) H2Y 1T8

Application Processing Time

If the submitted application is complete, the processing time will be 6 months.

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